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Ebike and cargo bike specialists, we have the experience to help you choose the perfect wheels for your needs.

Kids Bikes

Start your kids on the right bike and help them develop a love of cycling from the start.


Kids frog bikes starting at £200
Ebikes from KIFFY, Bike43, Veloe, Dawes & Lapierre bikes with different ebike systems from
Bosch, Yamaha, Shimano and Fazua ranging from £1299 to £7499



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Take a sneak peek and see what we’re all about and where we are based in this awesome drone footage shot at The Factory, Brentford.


About J'aimebike

J’aimebike was established by Jamie Clark during the pandemic of 2020 to facilitate a change in attitude and behaviour, providing a greener environment and future for our children.

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When I saw the Bike43 I knew straight away this was the bike for me. It’s the design, the quality, the way the bike works, but it’s even better when you ride it. Really, this bike is amazing and I love the way the motor, the eshift gears and brakes all work together, they’re all Shimano, so it’ll always work. I know I can rely on it. I had been looking for something like this as a solution to getting my kids to school in Barnes, it’s near the closed Hammersmith bridge and the traffic is ridiculous, crazy, sometimes one hour and go only one mile. Now I save so much time with this bike, the kids love it and I can take big boxes for my business too. Jamie really knows everything about all the options and which works best for any situation, it was an easy decision to make, buying this bike.

Marco, Coffee Shop Owner

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