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For the love of life & hills...
Jamie Clark, founder of J'aimebike

I’m Jamie and I run a successful e-bike shop that was established during the pandemic of 2020.  It was a tough, but rewarding challenge and although I faced many frustrations getting it established at this time, it’s genuinely brought a complete lifestyle change to me and my customers.


Jaimebike is located within Crown Cycles, an independent cycle shop located in the heart of St. Margaret’s, near Richmond in Middlesex.

Crown Cycles

47b Crown Road,St Margarets, Twickenham, TW1 3EJ.

Tel: 020 8357 9835

Email:  contact@jaimebike.co.uk

Business Hours

Monday          : 9:00am – 5:30pm

Tuesday          :  9.00am – 5.30pm

Wednesday  :  9:00am – 5:30pm

Thursday       :  9:00am – 5:30pm

Friday              :  9:00am – 5:30pm

Saturday        :  9:00am – 5:30pm

Sunday            :  Closed

We offer servicing and repairs for Ebikes. Please contact us on service@jamiebike.co.uk or for further information on what we offer please go to Servicing and Repair.

Our philosophy at J'aimebike

Our Philosphy

J’aimebike continues to contribute to a greener future as more people make the choice to purchase ebikes and explore our increasingly better cycle infrastructure in the UK.  We are helping to connect communities as customers slow down their pace of life, but save more time by avoiding or slipping through busy roads dominated by cars.  The infrastructure is changing in our towns and cities and cyclists are making the most of it. 

J’aimebike is here to facilitate this change in attitude and behaviour, providing a greener environment and future for our children. 

Fitness is a top of mind issue for everyone and ebikes can be as easy or as tough a work out as you choose.  The important thing is, you must keep peddling for the bike to work.  So rather than a rigorous challenge, you can control when the motor kicks in. A J’aimebike will contribute to the overall fitness of our customers by providing the right ebike for you.

We are building a solid reputation for customer care in Brentford and the surrounding areas because we are selling quality bikes at unbeatable prices using our friendly and efficient service.  Our aftercare and service cannot be matched.  J’aimebike continue to support our customers long after they leave our shop.

You might be thinking, everyone says this, but have a read of my story and let me convince you…

Why an ebike business?

The driving factor behind my personal change to ebikes was congestion, frustration, always being late and feeling like you were wasting your life away behind the wheel of a car – while watching the 160g of co2 pump out the exhaust for every kilometer I was driving.

My environmental footprint was huge.

I wanted to take control of my time and it was impossible to do this driving on bumper-to-bumper roads. I was at the complete mercy of other cars, traffic lights, RTAs, road closures and other unpredictable eventualities. This frustration fuelled my passion and basically, like every entrepreneur, pushed me to find an alternative to driving a car.

Looking out my car window into that of others, it was obvious they felt the same. The negative stress was overwhelming. They were metaphorically drumming their fingers, looking at watches, apologising through speaker phones to schools and offices for being late and generally looking unhappy.

The change needed to be made.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

You could say, it was a wakeup call, even a  Eureka moment.

I visualised myself driving an ebike past their cars and onto the nature path along the canal and breathing in the fresh air and out my stress.  Imagining my children sitting on the back of my ebike being early for school was a good thought.  Smiling and enjoying the view as we cruised past people at a human centric pace just seemed right.  Not too fast and not too slow, a pedestrian social speed.

So, I simply made it happen.

The Yoga of the bike world

I bought a folding electric bike, built a frame for the back of the ebike and added it for my kids to sit on. Looking at the way things work, understanding their flow, the space and the energy needed is second nature to me as I’ve been around machinery my entire life.  My new creation was not going to squander energy like a powerful car stuck at traffic lights, it was going to be :-

  • in harmony with peddling
  • efficient and smooth
  • improve strength and balance
  • contribute to good heart health
  • relaxing, enabling a good night’s sleep
  • lower stress, increase energy and make mood brighter.

Riding an ebike slows down your pace of life, but provides you with more free time. The slower flow of the bike is very different to being in a car, it allows you to be with people and not isolated.  In a car, you are taken away from the world but an ebike provides an awareness of your environment and the calmness of the peace of just being.

One bike led to another and now J’aimebike’s destination e-bike shop provides its customers with complete security in their purchase.

Time to enjoy life with an ebike

Here’s the interesting part

J’aimebike don’t just sell e-bikes, children’s bikes and lots of cool accessories.  We sell much more!  A complete life style change that will make you fitter, happier, less stressed, more punctual, reduce your impact on the environment and save you lots of money.  But mostly, we sell you precious time!  Time that is stolen from you when you use a car on a congested street.

The electric bike from J’aimebike is really just the very cool piece of engineering that makes this happen.  And when i say cool, I really mean it.  Each bike is beautifully engineered and designed.  Every brand we stock meets every need of an ebiker.  They are reliable, easy to use and maintain, lots of fun and provide absolute freedom.

“To use the word transformative is not an exaggeration. The first Saturday with the family cargo e-bike, the girls and I chatted away as I pedalled along by the river, easily making drop off for drama and gymnastics – which was previously impossible due to traffic and always stressful and frustrating even when sharing lifts with friends. I found I had time to stop at a cafe, have a coffee, check my phone and actually relax for a moment – it was surreal – before picking up the girls, and a friend (!) and heading home. The fact that I’d also covered off some exercise as well is an additional bonus! I feel like I have my Saturday morningback, which as any busy mother knows is so precious – and it costs so much less than a car! Plus my daughters (6 and 8) are over the moon with the whole experience, they can’t wait to jump on and head off for the day – it’s unbelievable how genuinely it has impacted. I can only advise people to try one – and let go of any inhibitions or worries that cycling isn’t for them, I’m so glad that Jamie introduced me to the idea, listened to what I needed and helped me find the right bike for me. It’s a life-style change that I’m so delighted I’ve made.”

Helen, Chief Executive - 39

“I would never have thought of buying an e-bike until Jamie suggested it. I was driving to work from Hampton Hill to Barnes every day and felt really guilty about my carbon footprint. However I couldn’t see an alternative as public transport links were terrible, and it was too far and too hilly to cycle – 8 miles, through Richmond Park (I’m not that fit!)

Then I discovered e-bikes, and I now cycle to work happily every day. Instead of sitting in traffic I can take lovely routes through parks and along the river, and it’s also quicker than driving. 

 An e-bike means I can cycle every day, even if it’s raining or cold, as it’s much easier than on a regular bike and you don’t arrive at work sweaty or out of breath. I’ve got my routine sorted now with a couple of waterproof panniers for my laptop and work clothes, so it’s really simple and quick. You can also adjust the settings depending on how you’re feeling on the day – if you’re knackered you can put it on Turbo and breeze along, or if you fancy more of a work-out you can put it onto Eco and peddle harder.

Apart from one minor hiccup, my e-bike has been totally reliable and trouble-free.  On the one occasion when I had a problem (the screen went blank) I phoned Jamie at 8.00 am and he was able to diagnose the problem and talk me through how to fix it over the phone within a minute – so great after-care service, and the problem hasn’t returned since.

 I feel much happier and healthier on my commute to work now; I’ve saved loads of money on petrol, and a lot of my eco-guilt has gone too – thank you Jamie!”

Mary, Teacher

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