frequently asked questions

And our answers to them all...

Ebikes are the new kid on the block in the world of bikes.

At J’aimebike we get asked lots of questions before purchase.

Here are some top of mind questions and our answers to them.

How reliable is an Ebike?

This is an interesting question. If you buy from a well know brand such as Fazua, Shimano, Bosch, Yamaha Ebikemotion you can be guaranteed of best in class ebikes.

These companies have the technical expertise and many years experience making ebikes, and can thereby be relied upon to have done due diligence with research and development to make sure each bike is of top reliability. They also have parts departments etc to source the exact replacement parts if needed.

Almost every day we get calls about cheap ebikes that have broken down due to parts not working. Whilst it’s possible to repair these bikes, sourcing parts is almost impossible and time spent trying to do this can be expensive. Unfortunately, people often end up throwing away these very low cost ebikes and buying something better. This is the main reason J’aimebike only stock quality brands – saving you time and money in the long run and maintaining our excellent reputation for service.

Ebikes can be expensive, how do protect it from being stolen?

They are easy to protect from theft. We sell a frame lock that goes through the wheel,
We stock super quality German made Abus folding locks. They are extremely compact and easy to use. Motion sensor alarms are also available.

There is also software on some models that lock the ebike from being used by anyone that steals it. Tracking devices are built in with most quality ebikes now. It’s something that we at J’aimebike passionate about.

Keeping a bike covered is a well tested tactic from the motorcycle world. Nearly all thieves are opportunistic and if they can’t see what’s chained up, they’re most likely to keep moving to the next best target.

Bikes are often stolen when just locked up in a temporary spot. We can make bespoke bike sheds for e-bikes for your front garden – this makes it very easy to park and go rather than dragging a bike through your house. It provides an easy natural flow from your front door to office or school – just jump on the bike and go with no fuss.

I’m a busy mum, what are the benefits of an ebike for me?

Using an ebike such as the bike43 gives point to point delivery of the kids without having to look for parking spaces and avoiding congested roads. This will save time and stress, as well as money you would use for petrol or parking. To see the kids turn up at school with beaming smiles having enjoyed their journey is priceless. One of the key benefits of an ebike is the time saving because you no longer have to wait on congested roads, at the mercy of other drivers and unpredictable hold ups. You can zoom off road using paths and roads that cars and motorbikes cannot. So you have all the benefits of a bike that can carry your children but with that little extra oomph getting you from door to school with minimum hassle. That’s not to mention the respect you will receive from your children for making the right environmental choice.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Helen thinks…

“To use the word transformative is not an exaggeration. The first Saturday with the family cargo e-bike, the girls and I chatted away as I pedalled along by the river, easily making drop off for drama and gymnastics – which was previously impossible due to traffic and always stressful and frustrating even when sharing lifts with friends. I found I had time to stop at a cafe, have a coffee, check my phone and actually relax for a moment – it was very surreal – before picking up the girls, and a friend (!) and heading home. The fact that I’d also covered off some exercise as well is an additional bonus! I feel like I have my Saturday morning back, which as any busy mother knows is so precious – and it costs so much less than a car! Plus my daughters (6 and 8) are over the moon with the whole experience, they can’t wait to jump on and head off for the day – it’s unbelievable how genuinely it has impacted. I can only advise people to try one – and let go of any inhibitions or worries that cycling isn’t for them, I’m so glad that Jamie introduced me to the idea, listened to what I needed and helped me find the right bike for me. It’s a life-style change that I’m so delighted I’ve made”.  – Helen, Chief Executive – 39

Can I have an ebike trial to see if I like it?

Not all bike shops will allow this, but at Jaimebike we build a solid relationship with our customer base from the minute you book your ebike trial to your final sale of an ebike. All you have to do is click that button at the top of the page to book a free ebike trial. We establish a time to suit us both and we will take it from there.

After our initial meeting and once we understand your needs for the bike, we can narrow your choice down based on price, performance, weight, size etc and provide you with options to choose from.

What kind of service and after service do you offer?

Our customers and their care are paramount. We will build the bike, adjust the bike and test the bike to create the perfect ebike for you. If anything should go wrong, we’re here to make it right again. It’s that simple. This service does not stop once you leave the shop, at J’aimebike we provide you with a guarantee on your bike. You will not get this service buying online.

To use the car analogy, when you buy a car, you don’t expect to be given a tool kit and told to adjust the wheels or to tune the engine. It’s the same with ebikes. When they leave J’aimebike they are ready for the road and the hills.

How long does it take to charge an e-bike and how long will it run for once fully charged? How often do I need to charge it?

From flat, it would take around 2 to 4 hours to charge a battery to 100 percent full, but will be 80 percent full after 1.5 hours. If the ebike should run out of battery, it just reverts to a normal bike.

At J’aimebike we have solutions and options for any battery problems.

We sell

  • Spare batteries that are slimline and look just like water bottles
  • Travel chargers that can be plugged in to allow your bike to charge
  • Fast chargers for those in a hurry – more amps

Some bikes have double battery options but all bikes will do a min of 30 miles to 150 miles depending on the weight of the rider and usage.

What’s the difference between an ebike and motorcycle?

Electric bikes and motorcycles are treated very differently by the law. Motorcycles are liable for road tax, insurance, and must be registered with the DVLA. A driving license is needed for a motorcycle which also implies an age limit. With an ebike you do not need a driving license, it doesn’t need to be registered or insured and you don’t need to pay road tax. Ebikes are treated the same as other bikes.

Ebikes do not do the same high speed as motorcycles. Regulation limits the speed at which electric bikes will provide the rider with assistance. When an ebike reaches the speed of 15.5mph ebikes are required by law to stop providing power.

Like motorcycles, ebikes can slip down the side of traffic however ebikes have the added benefit of being able to skip onto cycle lanes, cut through parks and along nature trails. A motorcycle is restricted to roads.

With an ebike there is no need for a parking space and they can be carried on to trains and buses ready for you to explore new areas with minimum fuss.

How will an ebike reduce my environmental footprint?

According to Science Daily swapping the car for just one day a week to an ebike will make a significant impact on personal carbon emissions. Shifting to this type of active transport could save you as much as a quarter of personal carbon dioxide emissions from your transport footprint.

Every little change you make regarding driving a car or using other types of carbon omitting transport helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Using an ebike helps to offset the guilt of taking a flight or using a car for a long journey.

I’m a busy commuter what benefit will the ebike bring me?

Our number one need from commuters regarding an ebike is not being sweaty for work.  They want an ebike to help them cut through traffic and over parks without exhausting themselves and without requiring them to shower at work.  They want to travel in a relaxed way but still adding to their fitness and self of well being – which is often missed on other types of transport.

In cities, especially London, with many old buildings and short cuts, the ebike can take a lot of time off a normally long journey getting you to work early in a stress free way.

I’m looking to improve my fitness. Tell me how an ebike will do this?

Using an ebike replaces a non active form of transport with active transport. It engages core muscles, improves balance, provides as much of an aerobic workout as you want and adds to good positive mental health.

Even if the ebike is on full power it’s still more exercise than sitting in a car. Ebikes keep your body moving adding to heart health, good circulation and posture. Its low impact cycling is well known for rehabilitation with no jarring of joints.

As Dr Johnson once said ‘Bicycling is incompatible with melancholy’

I am in my 70s, am i too old for an ebike?
No, of course not. Ebikes are suitable for all age groups.
What are the laws surrounding having an ebike?

There are 3 laws that all ebikes must comply with. No more 250 watts nominal power, the motor must not assist beyond 15.5 miles and the pedals must be turned while the bike is moving i.e. the bike only works when you peddle (peddle assist).

What finance do you offer?

We offer Paypal finance options.

Do I need insurance and can you offer that?

Yes! Ask about insurance when you visit and we will be happy to advise.

Do you do any customised products to go with the ebikes that you sell?

Yes, we make and source customised cushions for the rear of our ebikes. They are handmade and very high quality.

Colour swatches are available. We also do customised paint work, saddles, handlebars, grips and pedals.

As well as providing customised parts for ebikes, we can customise and build secure bike sheds to keep your ebike in. Please contact us for more information.

Are they heavier than normal bikes?

Yes, but only slightly. If weight is your issue we stock:

  • 2 of the best lightweight systems at our shop
  • The Ebikemotion at 3.5kg system weight
  • Higher Torque Fazua at 4.6 kg – this system is also removable.
Can an ebike replace my car as I have a young family?

The Bike43 is perfect for a family and can replace a car. This ebike is capable of adapting with your family and carrying up to 3 children on the back.

It’s important to note that these bikes can also be taken on public transport such as trains and buses allowing you to explore new areas that are further from your home.

Can I take my dog on my ebike?

Yes, animals can be transported easily in one of our luxury pet carriers on the back of one of our top of range cargo bikes (bike43).

How much do ebikes cost?

We have an ebike to suit everyone’s budget. They range from £1399 to £7499.

Do any celebrities use ebikes?

Absolutely, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Simon Cowell, Kendal Jenner and Leonardo de Caprio are avid users of the ebike.

Elon Musk reportedly keeps 4 and other celebs such as Ellen DeGeneres and William Shatner speak out on the benefits of the ebike.

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