Mini Electric Cargo Bike
Yoonit mini electric cargo bike
Yoonit electric cargo bike - J'aimEbike

This fantastic multi-functional cargo ebike is an absolute must for busy family life.  Whether you want to pop to the shops for groceries, take the kids to school or do any type of daily errand this ebike offers maximum flexibility and lots of space.

One of the main benefits of this cargo ebike, aside from its great storage friendly dimensions is that you can quickly swap between different carrier types using the quick release system, enabling you to change your cargo at a drop of a hat with little inconvenience.  It’s hassle free!

A child seat can be added for the safe transportation of one or two children, you can even transport your dog.  It’s a definite addition if you are aiming for carefree living, reducing emissions, beating heavy traffic, having lots of  fun and putting the car in second place.  It’s an attractive ebike and comes in yellow, grey, black and burgundy.

Yoonit flexibility and setup options
Yoonit electric cargo bike options - J'aimEbike

The YOONIT ebike is designed for maximum mobility.  It’s compact, lightweight and agile.   It supports unlimited cargo flexibility with quick release/ fast switch of load carriers.  It’s supported by an EP8 Shimano drive unit for a powerful electric ride and is designed and assembled in Germany. 

The YOONIT electric has it all.   

The Driving Experience

The YOONIT Electric is a compact, agile cargo bike that offers electrifying riding fun and a smooth yet powerful performance with the SHIMANO EP8 motor.

Adjustable Steering Damper

The steering damper optimises the steering behaviour and enables a smooth, secure and safe feeling when the ebike is in motion. The intensity is adjustable and can be set in nine stages.

Yoonit - Adjustable Steering Damper

Drive Unit

The SHIMANO EP8 delivers a magical riding experience, capable of solidly handling all your daily activities and turning them into moments of pure joy. It includes, ‘Progressive power with Eco’ and ‘trail and boost’ modes, while operating in near silence.

There are also two adaptable ‘Rider Profiles’ so other members of the household can use this e-bike with it being pre set to their specifications.
The powerful drive unit supports as much as you need, when needed — for hassle-free everyday rides in the city and beyond.

Yoonit Drive Unit

Magura hydraulic disc brakes

Braking power for urban and all-road use. Magura brakes are user-friendly with optimized ergonomics and low maintenance. This ebike stops as well as it goes, making it a top choice for safety regarding child care.

Yoonit Braking system

Gates Carbon Drive™

Free yourself from oily, rusty chains. Clean, smooth and strong – these are the advantages of the Gates Carbon Drive™ System. The carbon reinforced belts last longer than chains and are safer for little fingers, never need grease (so won’t ruin your trousers), run silently and are nearly maintenance-free.

Yoonit Carbon Fibre

Compact Design

Micro measure – go, Shorty!

With a length of 177.5 cm the YOONIT Mini Cargobike is shorter than a regular bike. It fits into elevators and can be stored easily in the hallway, bike shed, front garden, basement, garage or even your apartment.

Yoonit Load Carrier

YOONIT Load Carrier

One bike — unlimited cargo options

What makes YOONIT different? You can quickly switch the carrier!
Thanks to three quick releases, different load carriers can be assembled at speed without tools – making this ebike perfect for carrying different types of loads. This ebike has a solution for everything. You can carry kids, dogs, groceries, bottle crates or just attach boxes or bags. The choice is entirely yours.
It takes only a few seconds to transform your YOONIT Mini Cargobike from a family vehicle to a load monster.

Options, Accessories and Attachments

Family Carrier – Minivan Option

The YOONIT Family Carrier is made of a powder-coated aluminium frame with base plate and a water-repellent CORDURA® inlay, manufactured in Europe.

Equipped with the child seat, up to two small kids can sit side by side. Two five-point seat belts and the padded seat support make the Minivan option a completely safe ride.

Optionally, only one belt can be attached in the middle. The YOONIT Child Seat is made of water-repellent CORDURA® fabric and manufactured in Germany.

Yoonit flexibility and setup options

YOONIT child seat

Equipped with the child seat, this family carrier is the perfect transport solution for up to two small children. The two five-point seat belts and the padded seat ensure a safe journey. Optionally, only one belt can be attached in the middle. The seat is intended for children who can sit independently,
Weight maximum 22 kg, height maximum 120cm.

The YOONIT child seat is made of water-repellent CORDURA® fabric, manufactured in Germany.

Yootnit Child Seat

YOONIT canopy

With the YOONIT Canopy your children are protected from wind and rain. Its aerodynamic shape cuts through the wind offering very little resistance, but plenty of headroom, even with bicycle helmets.

The Canopy has two side doors and a removable back panel. The doors can be flipped up (inserted magnets) for quick access or rolled up and fixed in this position. Made from PVC. Manufactured in Germany.

Yoonit Canopy


The YOONIT cover for the Family Carrier is made of water-repellent CORDURA® fabric. The cover can be tightened with the expander strap. By pulling up the flap, rainwater can easily run off. Made in Germany.

Yoonit Cover

YOONIT Thermobox 80L

The YOONIT Thermobox simplifies the handling and loading of euro boxes or trays. Made of sturdy and heat-insulating EPP, the Thermobox is ideal as a food container. Dimensions inside 60 x 40 cm. Weight Thermobox 80L: 2.9 kg. Weight Base Carrier +Thermobox 80L: 6.3 kg. Max. payload 58.7 kg.

Yoonit Coolbox

YOONIT Euro Deck

The YOONIT Euro Deck has the dimensions of a half pallet and offers space for a wide range of euro boxes. It is attached to the Base Carrier. Made of ESD-protected Polypropylene. Manufactured in Germany.

Outer dimension: 82 x 62 cm
Inner dimension: 80 x 60cm
Weight: 9.5 kg

Yootnit Euro Deck


The Euro Lid offers a quick and efficient solution for lashing cargo with integrated tension straps. Made of Polypropylene.

Dimension: 60 x 40 cm
Weight: 4.3 kg

Yoonit Cargo Lid

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