Long tail ebike
Bicicapace E-Justlong electric cargo bike

The Bicicapace E-Justlong is a long tail ebike meaning it has extra capacity on the back.  It has 20 inch tyres with double walled aluminium rims, hydraulic disc brakes, steel mudguards and comes in  7 colours with an 80 litre cargo area at the front with bag.

It is an excellent replacement for a car or even to use alongside a one-car family to give that extra freedom. 

The maximum weight limit on the E-Justlong is 190 kg which more than removes any worry in regard to growing children.  This ebike range has thought of everything.


E-Justlong bike comes in 3 standard attractive colours: 

  • sapphire blue
  • racing green
  • coral red

and 4 secondary colours:

  • matt black
  • sky blue
  • light green
  • white

Electric Power

It’s an extremely versatile e-bike which can be fitted with a choice of 3 different motor engines.

  1. STePS E6100 EASY, with Nexus 8 and 418wh battery.(only on pre-orders)
  2. STePS EP8 Shimano EP8 integrated motor with 630wh battery.
  3. BOSCH CARGO LINE Bosch integrated motor with 500wh battery.

Waterproof Bag

Attaching to the front of this stylish ebike, Bicicapace have designed a bespoke waterproof bag made of recycled PVC.  This bag, fitted to the front of the ebike, comfortably carries 80 lt and can be folded flat – it also contains two pockets for mobile phones, keys etc.  Even when the bag is full, handling of the ebike is very easy.

The headlights on this ebike are attached to the front tyres which means when the bike turns the light turns with it.

Rain Covers

One of the big questions we often get at J’aimebikes is:

“How do I keep my kids cosy and protected from the elements while on the cargo bike?”

Bicacapace have considered this question and have designed a full rain cover that will completely cover the kids on the rear of the bike.

The Justlong Rain Cover comes in both Light and Full versions (includes side covers).

It is attached to the child pack structure and will completely cover the children on the back of your ebike.  It is wind proof and rain proof.

Frame Tail

The rigid frame tail is 800 mm long x 150 mm wide and sits 550mm from the ground.

This rear rack has a huge variety of back tail combinations and can easily accommodate 2 children sitting saddle style – there are flat boards alongside the bottom for little feet to rest on.  It can also hold one child and a baby carrier seat or cargo with large baskets or panniers – this E-Justlong bike can carry everything you need. It fits perfectly into family life but is also a fantastic ebike for commercial and industrial transportation.

The E-Justlong sports an ergo-tech handle bar stem and seat post and has an easy ‘step through’ frame.  The headlights and backlights are controlled from a single unit.  The battery is fully removable and it has good grippy pedals.

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