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Classic – Agile & Practical

The Classic family is easy to ride and perfect for daily transportation.  It is a traditional type of cargo-utility bike.

This range is available in Sapphire Blue, Coral Red and Racing Green.  There are also secondary colours in Matt Black, Sky Blue, Light Green and White.

25 kg can be carried on the bolted front flatbed.

The Classic Family

  1. The Classic
  2. The E-Classic
  3. The Classic Sport

The main feature of this range is that it can provide an immediate volume to load due to the large front bag or the flatbed.


Classic & E-Classic

It’s the oldest and most classic model in Bicicapace.
It can be fitted with the

  • E6100 STePS – EASY, with Nexus 8 and 418wh battery.

The Classic – Sport

With its sporty riding position, this bike is made for speed and fun.  It’s available in one size only and comes with the front flatbed.

The Pelican – A Large Front Loaded Beak

This front-loaded family expands the possible loads and uses of Bicicapace.
The Pelican model has a very large front board that’s able to carry extra-size volume and extra weight on the front.
It perfectly suits business and professional transportations and it can also accommodate a child seat.

It’s available in Sapphire Blue, Racing Green and Coral Red. 

It can accommodate 2 child seats and a load up to 190kg.

Pelican & E-Pelican

The Pelican can carry a 65 kg load on the front board and you can add either child seats or carry cargo.  The e-Pelican is fitted with a choice of 3 engines

  • STePS E6100 EASY, with Nexus 8 and 418wh battery.
  • STePS EP8 Shimano EP8 integrated motor with 630wh battery.
  • BOSCH CARGO LINE Bosch integrated motor with 500wh battery.

Pelican Sport

(available from 2022)
The sportive geometry makes your daily deliveries even faster.
It can be also a good option for cycle tourism.

Classicona – All singing, all dancing model from Bicacapace

This ebike could be described as a combination of the Classic model and the e-Justlong.  It can accommodate 2 children and a total load of 150 kg.  It provides the comfortable ride of the Classic model with the stability and multi-use rack of the e-Justlong.  Front volume capacity is 80ltrs. 

It can be fitted with either the

  • STePS E6100 EASY with Nexus 5 and 504wh battery, or
  • STePS EP8 Shimano EP8 integrated motor with 504wh battery.

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